Personal Injury Accident Lawyers Serving Plano Dallas and Fort Worth

Personal Injury Accident Lawyers Specializing in Auto Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyers Specializing in Auto Accidents

Personal Injury Accident Lawyers That Will Fight For Your Rights

personal injury lawyersAt R. E. Lopez & Morales law firm, we have top personal injury accident lawyers with the right experience dedicated to all varieties of personal injury law. Our principle office is located in Plano and now we have a new office located in Fort Worth. We serve the entire DFW area. From those offices, we go up against the insurance companies day after day. Auto insurance adjusters are typically trained to minimize car accident claims and pay as little as possible in insurance settlements. We get you more cash faster than other firms. If you have been inured in an accident you need a personal injury accident lawyer with the right experience.

Our legal practice focuses on auto accidents, work accidents, wrongful death cases, personal injury, truck accidents, and more. We handle nearly every type of claim and will take your case seriously. We offer free legal consultations, with no strings attached. After the consultation, if you choose to hire us and we accept the case, we will work on a contingency fee basis only. In other words, you will not pay anything, unless we are successful in getting a financial recovery for you.

If you need an experience personal injury lawyer due to an auto accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident you need a personal injury lawyer that will fight for you.