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Truck Accident and 18 Wheeler Lawyers

These large monsters go by a variety of names: Tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, big rigs ,semis, or trucks. Due to the disproportionate size and weight of a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, the smaller car is typically crushed or mangled during the impact. If you or a family member has been in a truck accident with a large truck, you know how frightening and devastating these crashes can be. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer. The experienced truck accident lawyers at R. E. Lopez & Associates. are here to help you. After calling us or emailing us regarding the facts and merit of your case, we can get to work for you right away. Meanwhile, you can focus on your health and healing. Our truck accident lawyers have the skill, resources and experience to handle 18-wheeler accident cases as well as truck accidents in Plano and Dallas.

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating to victims and their families. Trucks carry heavier loads and when trucks impact cars, the results are often tragic. Truck accident litigation poses unique challenges that differentiates this kind of litigation from auto accident personal injury cases.