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Workplace Injury Accident

Workplace Injury and Accidents

If you have suffered from a Workplace Injury Accident, or while performing work duties offsite, you should immediately report the injury to your supervisor, and should ask to complete a written incident report. Be sure to obtain a copy of this report for yourself. You need a professional and experienced attorney like R. E. Lopez & Morales. Then seek medical attention from a Doctor of Chiropractic at any of our All Injury Rehab & Chiropractic locations as soon as possible. When you do so, provide a detailed description of your job and the manner in which you were injured.

Each year across the United States, millions of Workplace Injury Accidents occur in the workplace. Many thousands of these result in serious injury or even death. Workers are entitled to workers’ compensation to cover their medical bills, as well as a portion of their wages. In some cases, the injured individual may also have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Where workplace accidents have, tragically, resulted in death, the family may file a wrongful death claim.

Due to the multiple possibilities and complexities involved in a Workplace Injury Accident case, it is vital that you contact a Plano personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following a workplace injury. Failing to do so may cause you to omit steps and actions which are imperative to ensure you receive full compensation.